28th May 2024

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I personally don’t like such moral dilemmas, because it is just such a thing as if, and in fact we never know how we would behave in an extremely difficult situation that requires such drastic decisions. Rather, I agree with the opinion of Hausner, morality is natural, but there are many external factors which can make a significant change. In the film we see fanatical followers of Shariat’s Law, or do they think killing is bad? Probably initially yes, but in certain situations (according to them justified) they consider killing to be something good, done on a good matter. Morality in this case is modified by cultural and religious factors. On the other hand, we have moral dilemmas of people whose morality is relatively not so modified by external factors. And these are the dilemmas that I would never want to solve. The choice between rescuing multiple people from a terrorist atack and trying to save one child. In the movie, we can see how different opinions and feelings vary. Some people approach the problem very rationally and some people are very emotional about it. However, I saw that it was impossible to completely cut off from emotions in such decisions. I noticed that some people are trying to take responsibility on others. Colonel Powell, in my opinion, is trying to take responsibility out of her at a time when she asks the soldier to set a target to try to protect the girl as much as possible from a hit and reduce his calculations. I feel that there was a lot of trying to take off the burden of responsibility in this order. I am not surprised at what has been done, as I have already written, such moral dilemmas are very difficult and burdensome for the person who has to resolve them. However, to answer the question asked in the title of the article, in my opinion morality is natural, but it can be manipulated strongly by various factors.