24th May 2024

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The morality is a really complex issue and we can discuss it as long as we want to, but at the end there is no final answer. The article by Marc D. Hauser provides arguments for the hypothesis that morality is natural and people are born with moral grammar, which is helpful to generate intuitive and universal judgments, so we can easily tell right from wrong. Our background and various experiences not necessarily mean that our judgments have to be different. I found the whole article intriguing and insightful. I was particularly interested in the experiment on the Moral Sense Test.
I think that the movie „Eye in the Sky” focuses more on other aspects of morality. The movie certainly is thought-provoking – authors give us more to consider. Is it justified to strike the targets who plan a suicide bombing? What about the possible victims of the air strike? And when a little girl enters the zone of attack, new questions arise. Should they endanger the life of the child to prevent suicide bombing in which many people would die? Or should they let them escape and protect the child? This was not the type of movies I am used to watch, but frankly I was quite interested in the moral, political and personal aspects of dispute.