24th May 2024

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I think that the movie was trying really hard to make us sympathetic towards the girl and show how precious she is to her parents, but the problem is that we are not used to that in movies. I watched “Eye in the sky” with my boyfriend. We both got invested in the movie but for totally different reasons :’). He was cringing and shaking when they kept delaying the decision and I spent a few minutes crying when the girl died.
I believe that they could make it even more impactful if they made the girl a heroine of her own story – if she had a goal of some kind or maybe waiting for a letter – something to show the unfinished and unsatisfying end… Exactly like it would be in reality. They chose to concentrate of her parents feelings.
I think that parental feelings are not as universal and that’s the reason that many does not emphatise with the dilemma