28th May 2024

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Reading this article by Marc D. Hauser and watching a film “Eye in the sky” made me think about different perceptions of moral values. The article put a questions whether is it right to sacrifice one’s person life to save twenty-two people and film showed quite similar dilemma: risk little girl life in order to probably save tens or even thousands of people. These are very difficult questions because it concerns the most important value – human life.
Although studies show that emotions are redundant for moral judgments, I think while considerating about moral dilemmas they are present. Watching “Eye in the sky” was like an internal conflict for me. Like I had to chose whether to be “cold and calculating” in deciding that one person life is worth sacrificing in order to save many, or to think about this one person’s suffering, distraught family, non-existing future… My conclusion is that to decide moral dilemmas we must try to turn off our emotions.