20th April 2024

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According to the article, we can easily say that morality itself is natural, but not neccesary moral actions. But according to the movie the question changes, I’d say, deepens. It’s no longer about natural or social – made, but it’s about specific actions the characters do – are they right or wrong? If so, then why? I personally l o v e these kind of moral dilemmas. But I’ve found out that those dilemmas don’t have any special affection toward me. I like them so much, because I always try to find a way to get the “happy ending”. I don’t give up untill I find it, which, if succeeded, can be very satisfying for me. The best part about it for me is that i almost always find that way of doing things creatively, that no one dies, or suffers a horrible concequence. I left an “almost” there, not because I’ve failed to find some, but because I’m not ultimately sure that I can find a way out EVERY time i try. So “almost” is for the (hope not) future. But I’ve mentioned that these moral dilemmas don’t tend to like me, which I’ll explain now. The reason behind that is that most of them are build to make an ultimate choice. Life of 8 people, or not having to suffocate a baby (example from article). Or having to shoot the hellfire and probably kill an innocent child, or let 5 terrorists live and kill people. But the choice is too simple in my opinion. There’s no space for thinking outside the box, intelligence, creativity and heroism. A or B. That’s why I think they don’t like me, because i always complicate them. Always try to make C, D – if needed – a whole alphabet, just to save everyone and try to make a good ending.
So, replying to the main subject: I think morality is natural, but not free. I think all humans have it (some may not have social brakes like guilt etc.). But in my opinion it’s not something once given and never changing. It can develop, or decline. I think that, as most things in human psychology, it’s not fixed. Kind of a connection between having it naturally and treating it in life.