20th April 2024

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Honestly – I don’t know. Of course, in some sense Clive was still Clive. He loved music, was able to play piano, he could remember his family members, he was kind and had some part of his personality. But I’m not sure if he was truly himself, and what’s the worst – he didn’t feel like Clive at all. His mind was blank, “no thoughts, no dreams; nights and days the same”, as he said. He wouldn’t be able to remember his grandchildren names, he wouldn’t even remember that he has grandchildren. His life was quite horrible – every day he woke up to the reality he didn’t recognize. Maybe he was calm and happy, but how can you feel anything else if you’re not able to remember what do you exactly feel? I don’t know. In my opinion Clive was still Clive in some sense, but at the same time he lost himself irrevocably.

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