22nd April 2024

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Case of Clive is very sad but also interesting. For me he is a prisoner of counsciousness because with his condition he cannot live without 24 hour supervision. Loosing his memory made him incapable of knowing where he is, what day of the week is etc. The proof of him beeing prisoner of counsciouness is seen when he writes sentences in his diary. He put down there words like ” I’m alive” soo it means that he feel like dead person all the time. It’s also sad that he cannot do things that he wants because he even lost his ability to think. Clive counsciouness just let him do things like walking, playing piano but he cannot recall his memories when he was conducting. It is also said by his wife Debra that he just know things e.g that she is his wife but he don’t remember the day of their wedding. And thats why also he is a prisoner because he can’t feel how it is to love, he can’t recall even the most wonderful days of his life.