23rd April 2024

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In my opinion Cliv’s suffering is really terrible. As he said, his life is very similar to death. He remember nothing, he feels nothing, he forget everything. It’s like being prisoned in room 1mx1m. These functions are crucial for normal well being. Without them… we are hollow, empty. What is more, his amnesia hurts also his family. Repeating again and again the same dialogue all the time, seeing Cliv being only some little fraction of his old self. I think, that very painful is also fact, that his sense of humour remain mostly the same. So, you see your dear father/husband who is in some part like always… but on the other hand definitely he is not. To conclude, I think that Cliv is a prisoner of consciousness, because of his amnesia his life has been reduced to something which cannot be described as life at all.