16th June 2024

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It wasn’t the first time I watched “12 Angry Men”, but still I was impressed by it. Once again I felt as though I was there – in this sweaty room with these lay judges jury members. I experienced this atmosphere – it’s trickiness and hotness. And once again it wasn’t an easy exprience. Especially this scene when this man who only cared about the upcoming match changed his mind. It shook me up! How indifferent he was! How could he be like that? Maybe I’m very altruistic but still it was shameful.

Situations like that when I’m certain of something and other people don’t agree with me often happen to me. I’m always scared to oppose. Other people’s mind opinions about me matters to me. I don’t want to struggle about with unessential things. But what is essential and what is not we decide on our own. So sometimes despite my fear I feel I just have to make known my pleasure??. Of course, I try my best to understand others mind other people’s opinion/points of view and not to intrude impose my opinions on them. But if I don’t stand by my mind opinion who will? Like in this movie. If this brave architect hadn’t stood by his mind opinion, nobody would have supported him.

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