16th June 2024

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First, a few words about the movie. I really enjoyed it, it was very different from most of the movies out there. The whole scenery was a single room, which if unusual. The characters had so different characteristics and temperament, my favourite character was Davis of course, he doubted the guiltiness of the “murderer” alone at first. I thing it’s very important to have at least one person like him in the group. He never said he was sure, but he had Reasonable doubt which turned out to be the most important element of the movie.

Moving onto the social influence. He convinced all of the others through his reasonable doubt, story goeas and more doubts appears which ahppened to be tha case to voting the boy not guilty. I myself have strong will, but i think that not as strong as the main character in the movie. It is very easy to be convinced to something by a large number of people.