13th June 2024

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Even though the movie „12 angry men” is set in a single room, the project amazes with tense action. Hot densed weather seems to intensify the tension. The brilliancy of the film is led thanks to great acting and absorbing plot. „12 angry men” shows how hard it is to disagree with w group and illustrates the power of persuasion. In my opinion it pictures shortcomings in the US legal system.

When it comes to me and what I would do in such a situation I am sure that if I had any doubts I would try to convince others. In this particular case i would do the same things as judge nr 8. I think he wasn’t sure about the innocence of the boy but he thought that the suspect certainly did not deserve the death penalty. As a strong opponent of a capital punishment I would do everything and anything to reject the sentence. I wouldn’t have any problem in opposing others as I take part in many discussions about politics and social matters on a daily basis, I’m used to it and i’m not scared to hold my own.