18th May 2024

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To sum up, there are 3 types of conformity: internalisation (when you genuinely accept the group norms and it results with in public and private change of behaviour), identification (when you identify with the group because you want to be a part of it and it results with in the public change of behaviour, and compliance (when you agree with the group without changing your personal opinions). There are 2 explanations of conformity: ISI (when you agree with the group because they have the information that you don’t) and NSI (social aspect- when you don’t want to appear foolish among the group members). These factors influenced jurors‘s judgements. Their opinion could also be affected by their past, which in my opinion can be seen in 3rd juror’s behaviour. He blames himself for ruining the relationship with his son and he channels/projects his anger into/onto the suspect.
I think it’s really hard to decide whether a person should live or die. The 8th jury/ Jury nr 8 is a role model for all judges, lawyers and others bringing criminals to justice.

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