24th June 2024

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Hello! I find movie “12 angry Men” surprisingly consuming. I say surprisingly because I’m usually not into old movies, especially these in B&W. Although I must admit I turned in the plot very vividly, it was interesting to follow the mental process of every juror. Some of them had even driven me crazy in emotional way.
It is easy to notice that some of the characters was motivated by NSI – Juror 2, and some of them like for example Juror 1 voted as guilty (at the beginning) on basics of ISI.
I’m sure if I were Juror 8 I would not believe in myself so much to convince eleven other people that there were wrong. So Juror 8 seems to be kind of role model to me. He didn’t give in to any of conformity. As I’m reading all that you had written above, I’m certain that everyone respect that men.