16th June 2024

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That’s an excellent summary!
Victoria, you wrote: “There wasn’t a lot of normative social influence”. I will you three examples:
1) In the first vote in which all jurors except juror 8 voted “not guilty”, juror nr 3 (I think) appealed to NSI, by saying “there always has to be one” – one black sheep, one deviant who goes against expectations.
2) Pressure exerted by the judge and lawyers to reach the verdict as soon as possible, which was considered a norm in the overburdened US justice system. I think that all the jurors were aware of the pressure, which was an important factor in creating NSI.
3) Juror 12 was, in my opinion, susceptible to both types of social influence. He had no opinions of his own so he relied on what others told him (ISI) and wanted to be approved by the group (NSI).

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