15th June 2024

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This movie really suprised me, because I was not expecting it to be so interesting. Also when I got invested so quickly I thought that maybe some crazy incident will happen (moybe more killing instead of screaming at each other). But movie deviated from my expectations once again with staying very realistic till the end.
The way that the evidence was slowly denied their definiteness was so clever. I loved the way a lot of it was personal – the old man wanting to be quoted was identified by another elderly man. The glasses were the thing that convinced the person who was wearing glasses.
The type of conformity that was surely most prevalent was compliance, becuase men knew each other for too short to develop any other, at least in my opinion.
I liked that they adressed streteotypes. The scene in which the men were leaving the table, when one started to talk about the stereotypes only and that they alone could be enough to decide on the guilt was in my opinion the best part of the movie. I also value that one character was raised in slums – it was not very subtle move to adress the underpriviledge but they made it mean much more by that character having valuable knowledge about how the knives are used in street fights.
This shows that personal background may be both an issue and a strenght.