18th May 2024

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I think it’s a great topic we’re discussing today, and I regret to make my appereance this late in the day. Because I think that topic is a mainstream problem in what’s probably most important in our job as students of psychology. Searching for the truth. That movie got me really intrested. I empathized Davis very much, but also admired him for being so relentless in his search for the truth. I find myself in lack of words very often as I try my best to argue with someone. Especially anyone not close to me. Even more especially with a group that I don’t agree with. In these situations I often cannot just find the right words to describe what I think. And that almost always leads to me mistaking something, or discrediting myself. I must admit that when I was younger i tried and stand up for my opinions, have arguments and voice out my thoughts. Nowaday I often prefer to stay quiet. Because I rarely think that my argumentation can have such a big impact on somebody to change his or hers way of thinking. Even if I’m convinced I’m right.
If i would be in a similar situation as Davis, I’d probably try my best to voice my doubt out loud. I would try to calmly say what I have in mind. And if my listeners would be impatient, I’d try to make sure we all have the same purpose. Getting to the truth, not to a baseball match in a few hours. Deciding wether someone’s guilty or not when having doubt about it would be too much for me. I’d care about that more than about the pressure of being a problem for everyone. With that said I must say it would be scarry for me. I’d probably feel pressurised to make it as quick as possible, because everyone else want to. But I’d do simple math to motivate myself through the pressure. For me someones life is far more important than 2 hours of 12 people talking.
I hope that one day I can be as brave, wise and intelligent as Davis. And I hope that I never forget, and be always reminded of my purpose at any place I may find myself working/being.