23rd April 2024

Reply To: “Brain storms” by Jon Palfreman (Year 1 Thur.)

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When I was in high school I always hated biology classes so I have never learned about any neurodegenerative diseases. At collage I had to learnt about the brain but still this book was very instructiv. For me the most suprising was situation in which fifty- eight year old male Parkinson patient was cycling. It was very bizarre because he had troubles with walking and then after a few minutes he was riding a bike. Now I know that people with Parkinson are able to produce movements where automaticity hasn’t been lost. Their dilemma about L-dopa traetment was also very interesting and hard. Is it worth to take it and be able to do most of actions without trembling and other symptoms with a cost of “on and off effect” or confusion, paranoia etc.