16th June 2024

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I think one of the main sources of discrimination is our inate fear of the unknown, things that are different.
We tend to prefer faces, body types and other characteristics, that are simmilar to us, or those that fit “the canon” – are universally recognised as attractive, due to cultural influences.

As for the situations presented in the comic strips – fortunately I don’t witness those stituations very often in real life, but in the Internet some masks really fall off and people show their uninhibited racism, bigotry, mysoginy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming etc.
Sadly, I’ve also fell fallen victim to such behaviours, mostly by my peers and acquaintances and I can definately say that it left a mark on me – it made me more reserved, anxious around others, lowered my self-esteem.

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