22nd April 2024

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I think prejudice stems mostly from our need to categorize the confusing world around us. We want to put it in simple boxes, so we don’t have to think too much while meeting new people. And it served its purpose many years ago, but right now, when we don’t face nearly as many dangerous situations in our daily life, it just means many people get treated badly because of something they can’t control, like their gender, sexuality or skin color.
Unfortunately, I can think of many examples of situations similiar to the ones shown in the comic strips, such as sexist comments I’ve heard at work, homophobic/biphobic protests at Pride, comments on the street. Fortunately, I’ve never had to experience racism myself, but I always try to defend POC when I hear any racist comments made by people in my life.
I also know that I am not free of prejudices, so I try to consciously change my behavior, when I feel like my dislike for someone is unfounded.