15th June 2024

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Prejudice is an attitude. Prejudice can be innate as survival mechanisms. It is about showing hostility to strangers and favorability your family. But some of concrete prejudice we are learning. We have antipathy to people in other groups, just because they are in other group. We are in groups in which we identify. We treat our group better than others because in this way we increase our self-esteem. Therefore, we also do not see any differences in the members of other groups and they are homogeneous for us. Hence, members of different groups behave unfairly towards the opposite group simply because they are not in the same group. And this is called discrimination.
It’s hard for me to remember if I’ve ever been in a similar situation to the ones from a comic book. But this passage entitled “Prejudices” showed me that each of us behaved like an elderly lady at least once in our lives. We want to look like people without prejudices, and when we show that we have some of them, we try to explain/rationalise it somehow. Each of us has some prejudices resulting from society in which we live.

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