15th June 2024

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Situations described in the comic strips reminded me of the period of time when my friend was bullied by our classmates. She has had some additional kilograms that she couldn’t lose in any way. Even when she tried so hard to lose some weight, they didn’t see hers her effort.
She regularly heard words that hurt her feelings and left a big scar on her psyche. Now she’s working on herself, she no longer looks that fat and changed her thoughts. And the most importantly – she changed the environment that only made her think she’s the worst creature ever, that she should disappear.
I wasn’t only a witness of this these situations, I was always for her. I tried very hard to fix her way of thinking, even when we were just a little girls. Now she’s under a medical treatment. I’m still trying my best, but right now I know, that i]I cannot replace professional help. I support her and I’m very careful with judging anyone, I don’t want anyone to be judged like she was judged her whole life.
This is just a one example. I can write mention 1000 of them. I know why discrimination exists and that this is somehow normal for human beings. But I think that everyone should work on themselves and try really hard to avoid prejudices.

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