18th May 2024

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As the Cambridge Dictionary says: „prejudice is unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling”. I think it is all about knowledge or the lack of it (to be exact). It seems far easier to live in the complete unawareness that life is not so simple and we cannot form unreasonable opinions because we are ignorants or we are not familiar with something. And living that way could be harmful and hurtful.
I heard a few comments when talking to my friends or family members, which I thought were prejudiced. But I tried to talk with them about it as I believe I could have a little impact on them. Internet and media are full of stereotyping and prejudicing. But it is nearly impossible to change that.
Although I try to fight it, there are moments when I use stereotypical thinking too. I always try to take a step back and think that I wouldn’t want people to see me through the prism of the stereotype. I even recall one or two times when I was a little prejudiced too, which I am not proud of.
But acting on your unfair opinion and treating people horrible because of it has no excuse. I think that we can all agree that we wouldn’t want to be discriminated due to somebody’s else prejudice.