24th June 2024

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Discrimination is a detrimental treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and many more. It is connected to prejudice, because some people assume that they’re more privileged, important – that they’re worth more that others. It’s frightening that in this day and age some are capable of judging people by looks or behaviours that don’t hurt anyone. In my life I many times heard stories about people who create humiliating for women atmosphere in work place or even sexually harass. I have read stories of white privileged people who were nicknaming people of different colour or those suffering from mental disorders. It’s especially heartbreaking to witness how sexual minorities are treated in Poland. From my close enviornment I recall a situation where my friend was badly and heartless threated by his own mother for saying he’s a homosexual.
I think the main reason for sad situations like these mentioned above is lack of proper education in school. Not every child has the fortune of being born into open-minded family but this – I hope – could be fixed by creating a friendly atmosphere in a diversified school. Maybe it’s just a dream but I believe that we can teach children that there is nothing that puts one person above another human being.