13th June 2024

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I think bodyshaming is a very important issue while discussing topics of prejudice and discrimination. Our bodies, regardless their look, are being judged every day, not only by others but also by ourselves. Media seem to convey a clear message: One (especially women) should be fairly slim, muscular but not buff, ought to get their nails, hair and make up done, but not too much. Otherwise they’re called unnatural. Alluding to naturalness.. is desired but (as you can easily guess..) NOT TOO MUCH (for example: hairy legs and visible acne are considered gross). It is almost impossible to meet all the expectations that society burdens us with. Our everyday effort to do so is tiring and often leads to depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Fatphobia is a very specific stigma, both social and systemic, supported by our culture and written in it. We have to be aware that telling someone who hasn’t asked for it, what he/she should do to lose on weight is improper. Saying that obesity is caused by stoking is bad.

Bodyshaming is a very broad subject and I spur everyone to get to know that topic. I highly recommend Ig and FB profile @Ciałopozytyw, where the founder of the profile posts lots of photos of bodies that do not fit the mainstream canon and writes about bodyshaming, fatphobia, sexism and many more!