13th June 2024

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I do not think I will forget about this movie ever.. This movie was so moving and interesting. Every character was so well played: Leonard, doctor Sayer, Eleanor, patiens, i was curious about everyone in there. But the one i liked the most was doctor Sayer, because of his personality. “Awakenings” made me think more about how my body is important to me, especially that I have control over it.
Rilke’s poem “The Panther” was, in my view, really beautiful. I think this poem is the core of the movie, because it is showing how people with encephalitic syndrome see the world and how they feel. Leonard “shown” this poem to doctor Sayer to let him know that he is inside of his unmoving body, even if other people think otherwise: “An image enters then, goes through the tensioned stillness of the limbs — and in the heart ceases to be.”. People, like Leonard, feel traped in their own body. I would say that, for me, even the thought of being trapped in my body, without the possibility to tell anyone that I am still inside is one of my biggest fears.