Brain injury

Choose the correct option.

1. Paul has staggered into the waiting room, trying not to lose his balance.

2. Kate's got lost on her way to the clinic although she lives a short distance away.

3. Harry is eating his third hamburger because he is always hungry.

4. Steve, once a kind man, is very rude to everyone in the waiting room.

5. Hannah is complaining of losing the feeling in her left leg.

6. Irene can't move her right arm and says she is having difficulty in everyday activities, such as showering or dressing.

7. Tanya has difficulty in getting the words out.

8. Jack has breathing and swallowing difficulties but is lucky to be alive.

9. Beth's speech is fluent but makes no sense to others.

10. 11-year-old Mike stands a head taller than the tallest person in the waiting room.

11. Mr Stevens doesn't even remember who he is waiting for.