28th May 2024

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I don’t think I can agree with Hume’s definition. Of course, in some way a person’s life and personality is all about movement, changing. But I strongly believe that our roots, our anchors, are too important to just not mention them. Some kind of stability is what really makes a person’s personality complete. Of course I’m not trying to dehumanize Jimmie. He was a human just like me and every person “anchored” in place, time and moment in their life. But even the author said that he wasn’t truly himself, that he was lost in all that was happening, he couldn’t understand the world, and he wouldn’t change – move forward – at all. How can you move forward when you’re stucked stuck in 1945? I think that even if we’re “nothing but a bundle or collection of different perceptions” – without some kind of an anchor we’re just not complete.

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